Animals are not here for our entertainment or to be our slaves. Animals of all kinds should be able to live a life free of confinement. Do not support Zoo’s, Sea World, Circuses or any other company or activity that enprisons animals for profit and entertainment. Animals in captivity suffer major mental health and physical health issues. This elephant lost her life for the cost of a five dollars. Her life is worth much more than that. What’s the value of your freedom?



Earth Day

Earth breathes don’t pollute her. Earth grows don’t cut her down. Earth feels be kind to her. Earth is giving don’t take from her. Earth is fragile take care of her. Earth is ALIVE nurture her.

Why does humanity have so much greed? Why do they need so much? They take and use every resource until there is nothing left. Why don’t they see their greed is destroying our world? Humans are parasites on this planet called earth. Destroying her beauty and raping her flesh. STOP. The material items and the products you buy that kill sentient beings and the earth do not cause you happiness. They are an illusion. I wish we used the cognitive abilities we have been blessed with in a proactive way. This world could be better if we valued compassion, awareness, selflessness and acceptance. The root of true happiness is the sense of self worth “I”; yourself and what you contribute to the world around you. EARTH. Mother I recognize you, my energy feels your energy. Nameste Mother Earth happy day to you.





I would prefer to sit on top of a mountain than in front of a television. I feel connected to all organic matter and believe all life is purposeful and deserving of respect. I stand up for those who do not have a voice and protect the defenseless. My compassion and love for this earth and the life on it on it is as deep as the ocean. I feel more comfortable in nature than anywhere man made. I believe every life form has an energy which can be felt and seen. I feel everything is connected and depends on one another. I believe the Earth gets ill, grows, feels pain and happiness just as humans do. My favorite sound is waves crashing on the shore and I love seeing the way the moon kisses the water at night. All animals no matter how scary or small have my respect and love. I am an equal to all living beings, my worth is as valuable as anything else’s. I am MotherRoots. K M Cooper #motherroots #kmcooper


A few years ago I was informed by my doctor that I had abnormal cells in my body, a biopsy was done and they found stage 2 cancer. That day I decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I started practicing Buddhism, I only used products with ingredients I could pronounce and eating food with an organic label. Over the years this lifestyle has developed and now I meditate weekly in order to work on my spirituality and manifesting compassion. I have also been a vegetarian for 3 years and have recently been working on becoming vegan. I have transformed my life, my soul and my body. Yesterday my test results came back, and after four years I am still cancer free!

I am one of the lucky ones and ever since I had a close call with cancer I do my best to stay educated on new research, carcinogens and also try to help spread the word about healthy living. So many people think the government has your health and best interest in mind but they are wrong. The government allows cancer causing food to be produced and put on the market for purchase because the sicker Americas are the richer Pharmaceutical companies and Meat companies become and the more wealthy these companies the wealthier our government representatives. Adopting a meat free and dairy free diet is the surest way to reduce your chances or cancer or illnesses in general.

The truth is that we do have a cure for cancer but it is illegal. Healthcare Cannabis REALLY IS the cure for cancer, and the government has KNOWN it, but pharmaceutical companies don’t make money off of HEALTHY people, so they just keep prescribing pills to not actually FIX the problems but to mask them. Whereas cannabis can ACTUALLY CURE people. Also Healthcare Cannabis is different from the Cannabis people smoke to get high. If you or someone you know is ill take a look at the food that is being consumed and do research on alternative eating and medicines. Don’t let someone make money off your suffering.


Meatless Monday

I have recently been making the step to becoming full blown vegan. Making the decision to be meatless was easy for me, I love animals all animals and once I educated myself on how animals are treated and farmed for human consumption I decided I could no longer partake in that lifestyle. I have a dog and could not bear the thought of someone treating her how the chicken, pigs, cows and sheep are treated daily in factory farming warehouses,

Many people do not agree with my views on being meatless. Some say we need animal’s protein, other’s say that the animals would have died for no reason if they are not consumed and the list goes on. The truth is we do not need animal’s protein for survival and they would not be slaughtered if there was no demand for their death.

I have educated myself on how being meatless helps our world as a whole and am in awe not more individuals are stepping in the meatless direction. Our environment is suffering greatly due to our current lifestyle. Factory farming is a huge cause for global warming and the current state of California’s drought is also due to factory farm and dairy farming. The violence, lack of compassion, empathy and disregard to the importance of life we have for animals directly relates to how we feel about others in society. If we cannot show compassion, love, kindness and empathy to a helpless animal how can we show it to our peers.


Educate yourself and open your eyes to the horrors you facilitate. Why does a pig deserve death but a cat life? Why does a dairy cow deserve torture and a puppy love? Now open your internet browser and see where your food comes from, see what’s happening to these animals that you consume. Meatless Monday is a movement attempting to help people understand the horrors behind consuming meat and the destruction to our earth. Go Meatless this Monday and every Monday. Save a life. Save earth.