A few years ago I was informed by my doctor that I had abnormal cells in my body, a biopsy was done and they found stage 2 cancer. That day I decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I started practicing Buddhism, I only used products with ingredients I could pronounce and eating food with an organic label. Over the years this lifestyle has developed and now I meditate weekly in order to work on my spirituality and manifesting compassion. I have also been a vegetarian for 3 years and have recently been working on becoming vegan. I have transformed my life, my soul and my body. Yesterday my test results came back, and after four years I am still cancer free!

I am one of the lucky ones and ever since I had a close call with cancer I do my best to stay educated on new research, carcinogens and also try to help spread the word about healthy living. So many people think the government has your health and best interest in mind but they are wrong. The government allows cancer causing food to be produced and put on the market for purchase because the sicker Americas are the richer Pharmaceutical companies and Meat companies become and the more wealthy these companies the wealthier our government representatives. Adopting a meat free and dairy free diet is the surest way to reduce your chances or cancer or illnesses in general.

The truth is that we do have a cure for cancer but it is illegal. Healthcare Cannabis REALLY IS the cure for cancer, and the government has KNOWN it, but pharmaceutical companies don’t make money off of HEALTHY people, so they just keep prescribing pills to not actually FIX the problems but to mask them. Whereas cannabis can ACTUALLY CURE people. Also Healthcare Cannabis is different from the Cannabis people smoke to get high. If you or someone you know is ill take a look at the food that is being consumed and do research on alternative eating and medicines. Don’t let someone make money off your suffering.





“America is my mother, cocaine is my father; and my sister is made of codeine. My best friend is whiskey, we all have each other which is enough for me. The devil plays in me during the mornings; God comes in me during the evenings. I love seeing both of their eyes gleam, admiring me. I am part of an in crowd no one has ever seen. I make real life out of boy’s dreams and in turn they give me everything I ever need.” K.M.Cooper


My friend died yesterday, she finally took him away

        “I have been using since high school same as you. We have used everything there was to use. I used every single day and so did you. Yet you got addicted and she trapped you. I skated by sad and blue not because she missed trapping me but because she got you. I had to keep my distance after she got you; I did not want to end up the same way too. She had tricked others to stay with her, but you were different you were my baby boo. So why not me, why did it have to be you? RIP my dear friend, I am glad she no longer has a hold over you.” K.M.Cooper