When I meet someone the first thing I notice is their energy. I can tell if they are happy people, confused people, angry people and so on. I no longer look at the clothing someone is wearing nor am I concerned with the social status someone sits in. All I care about is how my soul feels when I am around them. Some of my closest friends have vibed with me from the moment we met with happiness and positive feelings vibrating through my body. My soul recognizes your soul, my soul respects your soul and loves your soul. Namaste. 


The Community

I have been gone from society for a week. I was in a place that is hard to describe to someone who has never been. This place is utopia; there is no drama, no worry and no politics. This place is based on self reliance, self expression and community support. I was secluded from the “real world” without internet, running water, stores or modern day connivances and I was happy. I was not alone either I was surround by 67,000 people who were nice and friendly people. There was no fighting, no bullying, no name calling or boosting. Just 67,000 people living and interacting compassionately and peacefully. I have been to this place twice and both times upon leaving I am filled with this feeling of sadness and disappointment. Sadness because I do not want to leave this place and disappointment that “real life” does not share or replicate the same principles. I am torn inside. What life is better, what life is real?