I would prefer to sit on top of a mountain than in front of a television. I feel connected to all organic matter and believe all life is purposeful and deserving of respect. I stand up for those who do not have a voice and protect the defenseless. My compassion and love for this earth and the life on it on it is as deep as the ocean. I feel more comfortable in nature than anywhere man made. I believe every life form has an energy which can be felt and seen. I feel everything is connected and depends on one another. I believe the Earth gets ill, grows, feels pain and happiness just as humans do. My favorite sound is waves crashing on the shore and I love seeing the way the moon kisses the water at night. All animals no matter how scary or small have my respect and love. I am an equal to all living beings, my worth is as valuable as anything else’s. I am MotherRoots. K M Cooper #motherroots #kmcooper


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