Meatless Monday

I have recently been making the step to becoming full blown vegan. Making the decision to be meatless was easy for me, I love animals all animals and once I educated myself on how animals are treated and farmed for human consumption I decided I could no longer partake in that lifestyle. I have a dog and could not bear the thought of someone treating her how the chicken, pigs, cows and sheep are treated daily in factory farming warehouses,

Many people do not agree with my views on being meatless. Some say we need animal’s protein, other’s say that the animals would have died for no reason if they are not consumed and the list goes on. The truth is we do not need animal’s protein for survival and they would not be slaughtered if there was no demand for their death.

I have educated myself on how being meatless helps our world as a whole and am in awe not more individuals are stepping in the meatless direction. Our environment is suffering greatly due to our current lifestyle. Factory farming is a huge cause for global warming and the current state of California’s drought is also due to factory farm and dairy farming. The violence, lack of compassion, empathy and disregard to the importance of life we have for animals directly relates to how we feel about others in society. If we cannot show compassion, love, kindness and empathy to a helpless animal how can we show it to our peers.


Educate yourself and open your eyes to the horrors you facilitate. Why does a pig deserve death but a cat life? Why does a dairy cow deserve torture and a puppy love? Now open your internet browser and see where your food comes from, see what’s happening to these animals that you consume. Meatless Monday is a movement attempting to help people understand the horrors behind consuming meat and the destruction to our earth. Go Meatless this Monday and every Monday. Save a life. Save earth.


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