It’s Morning

Wake up and be thankful every single day. Pursue happiness daily. Understand that you will not get along with every single person you meet and that is ok. Practice mutual respect and human kindness. Feed your mind by constantly learning and doing new things. Take care of your body. Explore the world that surrounds you. Camp, in a tent at least once. Make time to travel even if it is a small distance. Find your passion, fuel it, feed it and live off of it. When love comes into your life let it consume you, enjoy every blissful second of it. Ride the rollercoaster of life’s highs and lows, it may be scary at times and unpleasant but you will realize it is worth it. In life you can’t have the highs without having the lows. Read. Don’t be afraid to take chances some of the biggest pay offs come from taking the biggest risks. Remember we are not made of concrete or have roots; if we don’t like our environment we can always change it. Except inevitable truths, your heart will get broken, you will run into financial hardships and you will at some point in your life become unhappy but hold on and accept adversity as a lesson. Be adventurous. Never become too comfortable with anything. Being comfortable is another way of saying “I am done growing”. Take joy in life’s simple pleasures, a gentle breeze in summer, the first rainy day in spring, and piles of leaves in the fall and the smell of ginger and cinnamon in winter. Make a positive impact.


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