I work in the mental health field and find it so pathetic that even I feel embarrassed to talk about my depression or ask for help. Society has such a harsh stigma on mental illness and its detrimental to our well being. Every day I meet with a client who is suffering from depression and I want to say to them “Hey so am I, it sucks its horrible, don’t you just hate depression. Fuck depression” but I can’t. I am not supposed to have “mental health” issues. Everyone gets depressed, some people can cope with it better. Some people can’t control their depression due to a chemical imbalance some people get depressed due to circumstances. The fact is that we all get depressed as humans, because we have emotions. It is normal. However, it is not treated as something normal. I see a doctor for my depression, I having crying spell, I have thoughts of hopelessness and passive thoughts of death and guess what helps? Talking about it, telling people how I feel, expressing my emotions to people. What does not help is keeping inside and not seeking help from a medical professional. So hey depression fuck you!


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