“Once in a while it is healthy to have a good cry. I cry to mourn the loss of my grandfather and grandmother. I cry cause I miss my dog that has passed. I cry for the unborn child never met. I cry for situations other people are in, I cry for them since they can’t. I cry for the state of our country. I cry for earth and the pain she endures. I cry for the innocence lives that are taken away.I cry for my failures, I cry for my successes and I cry for all the love I have in my life. I cry for joy. I cry for life.” K.M.Cooper


Falling fast falling hard


“When it comes to love and relationships an onlooker may think I go about them all wrong. I fall fast and hard. I jump in head first, with no hesitation or inhibitions. I let love take over and do not regret not doing something or not saying something. So if/when the time comes for my lover and I to go our separate ways I never linger around. I don’t question it or get sad. I am able to move on with my head high and my heart open to a new beginning.” K.M.Cooper