Give Thanks 365 days

I woke up this morning with $20 to my name and a $4,000 debt that needs to be paid. I am headed to a   job I do not enjoy doing and I remembered I will be alone this Christmas since all my family lives out of state.  But I still woke up this the morning with a smile. I woke up with negative thoughts but as soon as I felt that smile turn down I focused on the positive. I then thought about how I didn’t need money for next week’s food cause I will have Thanksgiving left over’s and that debt  I owe will get paid in time. Also, even if I do not like my job I do like the people I work with and I also thought about how I get to spend time with my dog on Christmas , we will go out on a nice long walk in the leaves and I will get to snuggle her all day, so I won’t be alone this year.

I started thinking about how often I stress or worry about the future and the unknown. I came to conclusion that it is really extremely useless to worry. I feel, most people are like me and live in the future instead of the present and in doing so inhibit their ability to really appreciate, enjoy and be thankful for what we “currently” have.

It is two days before Thanksgiving and I guarantee when we are sitting around the dinner table staring at our delicious feast before us, we will give thanks in that moment we will be present and thankful. But what about the other 364 days of the year, why do not we make giving thanks a habit a daily ritual in our everyday lives?

So let’s make a change and focus on maintaining positive thoughts and being thankful each and every day of the year not just on Thanksgiving.


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