“You may regret things you did do or you may regret things you did not do, but as long as in the end you figure out what you want and who you want…how you got there just does not really seem to matter” K.M.Cooper


What is your goal?

I recently became employed and my co-worker asked me on my third day of work what my goal was. She didn’t specify what type of goal so I responded with what my goal is in regards to everything I do; “My goal is to be happy” I said. My co-worker just looked at me, no reply leaped from her mouth. The following week she asked me again ‘What is your goal?” I responded the same way I had a week before. “No I mean what is your goal in life” she then specified. I replied “My goal is to be happy” and I added; “I want to make people smile, I want to laugh and I all I want is to be happy every day of my life. I want to be happy my entire life. Do you understand? My goal isn’t to have a certain amount of money or have a particular title. It doesn’t mean I need to have a certain job. It’s just that simple little goal to always be happy”. I looked at her face and I could see she was struggling to comprehend what I was saying. After a few minutes she just looked at me and said “But how could someone be happy all the time, it’s impossible.” I just smiled and nodded my head.