What happen to our 20’s

Everyone is having babies and getting married….I am over here like who wants to drink, make bad decisions and see the world.

I have been noticing more and more facebook relationships changing to married, profile pictures and cover photos of babies and young children occupying the page content. Then I felt it, the anxiety. I started thinking oh god when will I have these things, however as I continued looking through facebook profiles I realized my anxiety was not when will I have these things but, when will this happen to me. I started getting anxious that I too would soon be in this boat and it terrified me. I started thinking hard about my life and realized I am so happy and content with how things are currently; I am single, childless and free. I am living my life exactly how I want; I am able to travel, party, be adventurous, and well actually have a life. It started to make me sad when I realized this, all these young parents their lives over because now they are forced to be responsible for something other than themselves. As I started to ponder more I was forced to think about the correlation between people having babies early and the complete downward spiral of our society. I am not saying all young parents are bad parents and that is why our society is lacking on so many levels, I am merely suggesting that having a child when in your 20’s while probably easy physically to do, mentally is not the best for the parent, the child and society as a whole. I feel people are having children and are not ready or prepared for them either financially and or emotionally. Am I wrong? What has happened to our 20’s?