“I feel I look the prettiest when I am most vulnerable, when I let my guard completely down. The pure innocence that I thought was lost as I grew from a girl into a woman peaks through at these moments and I realize I really am just a little girl trapped in a woman’s body.” K.M.Cooper


True Love Never Dies

“When I first saw you my heart sank, my stomach hurt, and my skin flushed. I was just a girl and you were just a boy but I knew I wanted you. We would talk on the phone for hours, hanging up only after both phones had died. I know I played games but honey you played yours too. You had your girls and I had my boys but id give up every single one of them for just one of you. Oh baby boy my love for you will never die, I remember when you would pick me up in your parents ride. The CD’s you made for me get played over and over in my car and I think of you when I hear them. The stuffed animals you bought are packed away like the memories of us. During the day I can feel warm tears rolling down my face when I realize that you can’t be replaced because baby boy you took my soul when you left that day you took my whole world away. I can’t even look at a picture of you without crying because I had planned my life with you I wanted to be a wife to you. I think about the life we would have had together and how we would of been together if you hadn’t left. Baby boy what we had was that special something that happens once in a lifetime. We got mad, we had our arguments but my feelings for you never changed, I would have died for you given my life for you. It’s been years since you left me here alone, I am the same girl waiting for the same boy. I may look different my body has changed; but believe me when I say that I am still the little girl you used to pick up in your parents ride.” K.M.Cooper