Unmarked Path


“I don’t know where I am going and it terrifies me, I am headed down a road with no direction. It is unmarked, new, never has it been travelled before. I am the first to travel this road I am the one who has be chosen to lead this path. I am unsure of a lot but one thing I am sure of is that life gives you what you can handle. There are tests along the way, lessons to be learned but life is not about winning or losing, life is all about the journey. I’ve been given this journey… this is my unmarked path.” K.M.Cooper


“I believe…


“I believe that less is more. I believe in being loud. I believe there is more to life than this. I believe in being free. I believe in exploring this world from one end to another. I believe in LIFE. I believe in smiles. I believe in loving fast and I believe in falling hard. I believe the happiest people are the healthiest people. I believe in compassion. I believe in peace. I believe in natural beauty. I believe in new beginnings. I believe passion is the key to life. I believe laughter is the best medicine. I believe music was made to the beat of every heart and I BELIEVE IN LOVE” K.M.Cooper