“I have been fortunate enough to share my life with some of the most desired men, and unfortunate enough to have remembered them.” K.M.Cooper


My friend died yesterday, she finally took him away

        “I have been using since high school same as you. We have used everything there was to use. I used every single day and so did you. Yet you got addicted and she trapped you. I skated by sad and blue not because she missed trapping me but because she got you. I had to keep my distance after she got you; I did not want to end up the same way too. She had tricked others to stay with her, but you were different you were my baby boo. So why not me, why did it have to be you? RIP my dear friend, I am glad she no longer has a hold over you.” K.M.Cooper



“What I love most about being a woman is the art of seduction. The way I am able to seduce a man in a variety and ways shapes and forms, with my touch with my words with my body. Its exhilarating manipulating him in ways I know no one else is capable of doing. I have perfected this, its my art. It is not my trademark, for a trademark would mean its publicly known and my art my greatest masterpieces are unknown. The only things that see my great works of art are the eyes that preform it and the souls I have gathered from it. I am not a horrible woman, they want it they need it and I am here to give it to them. I show them how wonderful a femme fatale can truly be.” K.M. Cooper