When You Are Around

“My guard is down when you’re around, you make it drop right to the ground. My heart feels so open and free, when you’re with me I forget to breathe. The whole world stops when it’s just you and me. I have a permanent smile stuck on me face I feel giddy and out of place.” K.M. Cooper


Cancer 101


“I like being able to feel my body deteriorate daily, it helps me realize that this is a real thing happening inside me. I like feeling the crippling pain, I like the migraines and being balled up in a fetal position wishing for death. I like it because it helps me appreciate life, helps me appreciate other beings more. It has taught me not to hold on to things such as resentment, anger and other negative emotions. I am young and I am dying and I love every moment of it.”  K.M.Cooper